The AIIMS Portal is an interactive resource portal that provides standardized operating procedures for all LEAs and ESCs in Texas to implement. The goal of implementing standardized procedures is to help ensure all students enrolled in the Texas MEP have consistent intra- and interstate support and educational continuity, and to ensure successful transition to postsecondary education, military, and/or career.

Types of MEP Participation for Districts

Each year, all LEAs eligible to receive MEP funding must decide whether to operate as an Independent Project District, SSA Member District, or Non-Project District. Click the banners below to learn more about each of these types of MEP programs.

Independent Project District

Independent Project Districts are LEAs that receive MEP funding from the state to operate an independent MEP program. LEAs that choose to operate as Independent Project Districts are also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the activities listed in the ESSA Consolidated Application and adhering to the Program-Specific Provisions & Assurances and Program Guidelines. In addition, Independent Project Districts are responsible for maintaining required documentation, conducting active year-round ID&R and ensuring all MEP-funded staff receive required training annually.

SSA Member District

SSA Member Districts are LEAs that receive MEP funding from the state and decide to join their respective ESC’s MEP SSA. The SSA Member District is responsible for assisting in the identification and recruitment of migratory students as well as any other responsibilities outlined in the agreement. The ESC will submit the ESSA Consolidated Application on behalf of the participating districts, maintain auditable files, provide training and technical assistance, and serve as the liaison to the TEA.

Non-Project District

Non-Project Districts are LEAs that do not receive or choose not to accept MEP funding from the state. These LEAs are still responsible for serving the needs of all migratory students in their districts. Non-Project Districts must work with the ESC MEP staff to fulfill the requirements for ID&R and TX-NGS data entry. LEAs must also maintain documentation indicating that active year-round identification and recruitment is taking place.