Mobile students are referred to in the MEP as migratory students, or migratory children. Many people often confuse the word “migratory” with  “immigrant.” Watch this video for a brief explanation about who qualifies as a migratory student in the MEP.


The MEP has been supporting the educational needs of migratory students for over 50 years. Watch this video to learn about the purpose and goals of the MEP.


This interactive resource portal provides the basic operating procedures all LEAs and ESCs should implement. LEAs includes MEP Independent Project Districts,
Shared Service Arrangement or SSA Member Districts , and Non-Project Districts . ESCs includes ESCs serving as SSA Fiscal Agents and those with Non-Project
Districts. Make sure to select your role when reviewing the procedures.

The goal of implementing standardized procedures is to help ensure all students enrolled in the Texas MEP have consistent intra- and interstate support to
ensure educational continuity and to successfully transition to postsecondary education, military, and/or career.

Use the Search feature to find a specific topic of interest, or use the Menu to navigate the site.

Select your role from the list below. Information is also provided on the role parents have in each procedure, where applicable.