Frequently used terms

Parent(s): the person legally caring for a migratory student; could be a guardian

Child/children: youth aged 0-21 who have not graduated from high school or earned a HSE certificate

Student: youth enrolled in a public school in Texas

If you see this icon, Migrant_Education_Logo it means that the service or resource described is provided by the MEP and only available to migratory students.


Throughout the Migrant Education Program Support for Parents and Families portal, resources have been shared to assist you. This section compiles those resources into one place for easy access.

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Does My Child Qualify for the MEP?


What is MEP Funding and How Does
the MEP Help My Migratory Child?

Texas Family Helpline: 1-888-984-6251
Texas-based migrant students/families can call for educational and support services.

Academic Support

Opportunities for Success for All Youth Including Out-of-School Youth

Assistance and Preparation for After Graduation

Advocating for Your Child

Technology Support