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Texas Migrant Education Program (TMEP) Web Portal

The TMEP Portal is a free resource portal that provides easy access to a wide variety of materials. There are three main sections of the portal, each designed with a different user in mind.

The Parents and Families section of the TMEP Portal provides access to a variety of resources and websites to support migratory students.

Parents and families also have access to the Education Resources for Parents of K-12 Migratory Children, free resources developed specifically for parents and families of migratory students in Texas.

User: All migratory parents and families in Texas

The MEP Staff section of the TMEP Portal shares resources to assist MEP staff, both at the ESC and LEA level, in supporting the needs of their migratory students, parents, and families.

Users can access links to resources they use frequently and can learn about new opportunities and programs available for the students they support.

User: All MEP staff in Texas

The ESC MEP Staff Only section of the TMEP Portal is the only password protected section of the portal. This section allows ESC staff to access the resources they need to support and train LEA MEP staff.

ESC MEP staff can find training materials and TEA-provided documents.

User: MEP Staff from an ESC in Texas